Diversa is a dual building campus developed for a global leader in discovering and developing biomolecules for use in agriculture, chemical processing, industrial applications, and pharmaceutical applications.  A unique and distinctive design was carefully planned out in order to develop a sophisticated variable air volume (VAV) laboratory fume exhaust system which is able to sustain multiple laboratory environments.  Ingenuity in calculating and planning brought together a well-thought layout for this modern campus, including its fermentation pilot plant.  Imaginative engineering created comfortable and energy efficient environments for the 200-seat lunchroom and lecture hall, office spaces, warehouse, library, and main equipment areas.  Engineering services were provided in two separate phases.  Phase I consisted of a 74,500-sf office and laboratory facility.  Phase II consisted of a 60,500 sf, 2-story office and laboratory and nuclear magnetic resource facility.  Design features included two central plants totaling approximately 1000-tons of cooling, a centralized deionized water system, centralized compressed air system, process steam system, acid waste system, carbon dioxide system, 24-hour cooling system, centralized process vacuum systems, and a nuclear magnetic resource room facility.

  • 135,000 sf

  • Pacific Cornerstone Architects