The Jackson Rancheria Casino project included renovations to numerous spaces within the existing casino.  Our scope included four new food service areas including the following: a 15,000-sf buffet style restaurant; a new 15,000-sf food court with multiple food selections; a 3,500 sf, 24-hour service restaurant; a remodel of the second-floor high end restaurant; and a new bar area.  Renovations also included mechanical ductwork modifications associated with the casino floor which consists of 2,000 slots, 74 tables (including 10 poker), an 8,000-sf new back house space, rework of the loading dock area, a new 25,000 sf remodeled space for the porte-cochere and adjacent lobby entrance, and a 28,000-sf demolition and new casino space at the western portion of the building.  This project underwent a major renovation to make the current and expanded space more functional, friendly, and convenient for the customer.

  • 66,500 sf

  • 74 tables

  • 2,000 slot machines

  • Delawie