The UC Davis West Village Mixed-Use Student Housing project is centered on a civic village square that incorporates affordable housing in a neighborhood setting for students, faculty, and staff.  West Village was created to strengthen on-campus involvement and to provide a distinctive place to live in a pedestrian-oriented, bike-friendly environment. The project consists of six 4-story buildings totaling 134,000 sf.  The first floor of the building is occupied by retail and commercial spaces (33,500 sf) while the remaining floors are comprised of mainly of 1-, 2-, and 4-bedroom units, totaling 100,650 sf.  The HVAC system was designed by utilizing split system heat pumps.  The commercial and retail air conditioning system was consistent with the split system, and the recreation and leasing building utilized split system variable refrigerant flow (VRF).  Each apartment unit was furnished with a horizontal fan coil with ducted supply, lined mixed-air plenum, ducted return, and a wall-mounted programmable thermostat.

  • 108,000 sf