Mechanical Design Engineer

What is it that drives you in your position / why do you like doing what you do? I love working in the built-environment and having a hands-on touch with new construction buildings that become essential to the various industries they serve. I see our product as a service designed to support other commercial industries to do great things and continue advancing our society. We are an essential utility that plays a major role is some pretty awesome technological advances. It’s great that almost every project is unique and really keeps the job fresh and interesting.

What do you like doing outside of work? I like to play in pick-up sports leagues such as basketball and flag-football. I also like to attend live music shows and festivals. My newest hobby is scuba diving. I recently became certified and am super excited for the places I will travel to put that certification to use.

What is your favorite food / drink / place to travel? Something else you’d rather talk about? Breakfast burrito from San Diego taco shops, obviously.