Plumbing Design Engineer

What is it that drives you in your position / why do you like doing what you do? A few things that motivate me in my position are the opportunities for learning new things, solving complex problems, and working with a great team every day. My passions are to learn and to build and being able to explore that, as well as having a team around me with the same mindset, makes my position enjoyable.

What do you like doing outside of work? Outside of work, I am a die-hard San Diego Padres fan, I enjoy watching baseball, and playing way too much golf. I enjoy being outdoors as much as I can and like traveling to places to hike or to snowboard.

What is your favorite food / drink / place to travel? Something else you’d rather talk about? My favorite place to travel to is Yosemite National Park, mainly for the hiking and the stunning views.