What is it that drives you in your position / why do you like doing what you do? I love to learn new things every day. This is definitely not a monotonous job; there is always something new to learn and I love knowing that we always support and have each other’s backs. I like knowing that I’m helping our society. I also enjoy my discussions with our professional engineers, learning about their experiences in the field and all of the complex problem solving they have to do in order to produce high-quality designs.

What do you like doing outside of work? I enjoy the landscape every day that I go outside of the office. When I get home, I love playing the guitar and resting watching a little bit of TV. I also enjoy playing football, soccer, and sharing some good food with my friends.

What is your favorite food / drink / place to travel? Something else you’d rather talk about? My favorite food is Mexican food, especially tacos. My favorite drink is orange juice – I feel like it fills you up with energy and it tastes delicious! My favorite place to travel is to the beach. For me, the beach is a relaxing place where I can get rid of my problems and feel at peace – more specially, when I hear the sound of the waves.