Mechanical Design Engineer

What is it that drives you in your position / why do you like doing what you do? What I enjoy about my career is the action of working artfully to produce a safe and functional environment for people to enjoy.

What do you like doing outside of work? Spending time with my close family and friends might be my favorite thing to do outside of work. In addition to that, I am obsessed with getting on an airplane to visit new places, cultures, and to enjoy new foods.

What is your favorite food / drink / place to travel? Something else you’d rather talk about? I have been fortunate enough to try many different foods in my life – and don’t mind trying any type of food – but Japanese food is my favorite. Wine is my favorite drink. I like to travel all over the world, and since I have already visited the majority of the European countries, Japan or Latin America are on my bucket list for upcoming vacations.